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Want more dental implant patients?

Jumpstart Your Dental Implant Practice With High-Paying Dental Implant Patients Every Month...

10X Your Practice with the Full-Arch Framework

  • Pinpoints the specific barriers for growth in all areas of your practice

  • Provides a customized plan to fix your problem areas quickly

  • Innovative dental implant marketing system that produces qualified leads like a machine

  • Seamless integration into your existing processes

  • Comprehensive training and personalized coaching tailored for your specific needs

  • Rapidly elevates your dental implant income to unprecedented heights.

Marketing isn't the only thing that will make your dental implant practice successful. Our proprietary Full-Arch Framework helps find the specific areas for improvement in every aspect of your practice and a clear path to overcome your barriers. From reputation, to staffing, to what vendors to use, we've got a clear plan to help you 10X your practice quickly!

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What is Dental Implant Machine?

Dental Implant Machine uses a proprietary marketing system that take your prospects by the hand and walks them through each phase of the sales process. Then hands them off to your staff at the right time so you get more dental implant starts.

Dental Implant Machine is engineered to maximize the effectiveness of every marketing strategy, seamlessly integrating with Pay-Per-Click, SEO, and other traditional advertising methods. We’ve amplified the ROI by infusing these tried-and-true methods with our innovative dental implant funnel system.

Our Results Speak For Themselves

Here Are Just A Few Of Our "Two-Comma Club™" Award Members...

They've Added Over $1,000,000 In Dental Implant Production With Our Program.

Will You Be Our Next "Two-Comma Club™" Member?

The 2 Comma Club isn't just a milestone; it's a testament to success, dedication, and the right strategy. By leveraging our proven implant lead generation system, hundreds of dentists have not only achieved but surpassed the $1,000,000 mark in new implant revenue. Are you ready to join the ranks?

Ready to 10X Your Dental Practice?

The Answer is in The FULL-ARCH FRAMEWORK

And its crushing other methods in terms of ROI.

We analyzed hundreds of dental implant practices to find what key activities produce the greatest success and biggest returns on investment and discovered that ALL top performing practices follow this Full-Arch Framework .

If you aren't hitting your implant production goals, it is because you are missing part of the framework. As soon as we fix that...you will dominate your market and crush your goals!

Here's a sneak peek of the framework. (You can get the full effect by scheduling a free demo below)

Why Dental Implant Machine is the Ultimate Game-Changer!

Every dental practice is unique, and so should be its growth strategy. At Dental Implant Machine, we don't just provide solutions; we craft success stories. Our holistic approach ensures that every aspect of your implant practice growth journey, from generating leads to happy patients, is optimized for maximum success.

  • Tailored solutions for maximizing implant patient acquisition.

  • Expert strategies backed by industry-leading knowledge and technology.

  • Drive consistent and high-quality implant leads to your practice.

Elevate your dental practice to new heights with the Dental Implant Machine

Here Is What You Get With The

Dental Implant Machine Program

Proprietary Lead Capture System

We generate high quality leads along with a process that makes it simple as can be for you to follow up and get leads in for a consult.

1 on 1 Personalized Coaching

Get a dedicated success coach who works to maximize your success with individualized training, role playing, and troubleshooting for you and your team.

Clinic Sales Systems Training

Learn how to nurture, book, and close the implant leads we generate for you.

Exclusive Access to Advanced Analytics

Monitor your campaign's success in real-time with our state-of-the-art analytics dashboard, giving you insights into lead conversion and growth metrics.

Increased Revenue

Amplify your income with a system proven to increase the number of dental implant patients and revenue.

Targeted Lead Generation

Generate high-quality, targeted leads specifically looking for dental implant services, ensuring a higher conversion rate.

Make Smiles Great Again!

Offices sent over photos wearing our controversial, attention-grabbing hats! (it doesn't matter what side of the political spectrum you're on, your marketing must get the attention of your patients, and that's exactly what our system does)

Dr. Fenton

Trinity Dental Arts

Here's Some More Proof..

Learn what Brooke from Dr. Ignatowicz's office love about Dental Implant Machine

How they closed over $170,000 in treatment in 45 days!

Dr. S - From New York - Referred Many Friends & Has Attributed Our Marketing To Part Of The Reason He's Building A Brand New Office...

Attributes Our Marketing To Part Of Building A Brand New Office!

Check out the screen shot of his facebook page and an email of his telling a friend how many cases he's had with our help.
Results do vary, but this is VERY possible for you!

Dr. G - From New Jersey - Posted in his Facebook group that he had 4 arches in the pipeline worth over $30,000 each with total spend of $3,000.

Paid $3,000Got $120,000 Not Bad :)

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