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With The Marketing System That Consistently Delivers High-Paying Dental Implant Patients Month After Month Like A Machine..."

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We'll run it for your clinic with no long-term commitment.

No strings attached. Just results.

Does It Really Work?

Here Are Just A Few Of Our "Two-Comma Club™" Award Members...

They've Added Over $1,000,000 In Dental Implant Production With Our Program.

Dr. Richard J. Salvatore

Dr. Richard J. Salvatore from Salvatore Dental earned more than $1,000,000 following our system and is continually closing cases almost every week.

Dr. Delrose

We visited Dr. Delrose in North River Dental on his birthday to give his Two-Comma Club™ Award for closing more than $1,000,000 worth of implant cases with our system.

Dr. Xhoana Gjelaj

Dr. Xhoana Gjelaj from Trinity Dental Arts got more than $1,000,000 worth of implant starts with our program and is continually earning big ROI.

Dr. Arvind Philomin
Dr. Scott Hill
2 Comma Club Winners 1
2 Comma Club Winners 2
2 Comma Club Winners 3
2 Comma Club Winners 4
2 Comma Club Winners 5

Hang On! More Success Stories For You...

Sunbright Dental in Las Vegas used our system to collect $50,000 in Dental Implant Treatments in their first few weeks.

Dr. Barney crushed cases and collected more than $60,000 in Dental Implant Treatments in his first 2 weeks.

Make it happen for your practice as well. 

In just under 2 months with the Dental Implant Machine, Dr. Miles has completed or put on schedule $175,000 in Dental Implant Treatment.

Let Me Tell You Why Dental Implant Practices


Are Currently Abandoning Their "Pay-Per-Click" For Our Proven Dental Implant Marketing Machine

FROM: Dewey Denning

RE: How is this Different than What I'm Currently Doing?

Have you noticed that virtually EVERYONE markets their dental implant services the exact same way?

You know it's happening.

Pay-Per-Click or "SEO" going straight to your home page or to the "dental implant" page on your website.

If you're lucky you have some kind of offer there. Maybe it's a "special" on implants or a free consultation that they could request.

Everyone else is doing the Exact Same Thing


If you really want to set yourself apart you have to do what matters and...


So The Million Dollar Question Is:

How Can You Set Yourself Apart, And Establish The Trust Needed

For The Dental Implant Prospect To Choose You Over Your Competitors?

The Answer Is The Dental Implant Machine System...

And its crushing other methods in terms of ROI. Including regular, Funnels Pay-Per-Click, SEO, Commercials, Radio and the like...

Here's a sneak peek of each of the steps. (you can get the full effect by scheduling a free demo above)

7 Phases of the Dental Implant Funnel

The dental implant marketing funnel takes your prospects by the hand and walks them through each step of the sales process

Then hands them off to your staff at the right time

"But I don't want a bunch of leads,

I Just Want PATIENTS."

Good, because we don't just send you leads. 

While other dental marketing agencies just send you clicks, or a bunch of low-quality leads...

Our system generates high-quality, long-form patient requests. 

This includes information such as:

  • If the patient has the financial capability to move forward with treatment
  • ​If they are ready to move forward NOW
  • ​​If they've seen another specialist about dental implants (very important)
  • ​​What type of treatment they'll likely need (full mouth cases, etc)
  • ​And More...

We'll Even Speak With, Prequalify & Schedule All Your Consults For You

So all you have to do is worry about presenting treatment, and performing surgeries. 


We know all the best ways for presenting treatment to help more patients take the next step to ACCEPT treatment. 

Because you and I both know...

Consults don't mean anything unless the patients say YES to treatment.  

How do I know the best way to do this??

Because I implemented this same system in my local area...

I spent 4 Months as the treatment coordinator and

Personally Closed $1,176,715

In Dental Implant Treatment.

Here are the exact accepted treatment amounts...

May - $221,097.00

Raw data numbers for May

June - $165,700.00

Raw data numbers for June

July - $250,768.00

Raw data numbers for July

August - $212,650.00

Raw data numbers for August

September - $326,500.00

Raw data numbers for September

May - $221,097.00

June - $165,700.00

July - $250,768.00

August - $212,650.00

September - $326,500.00

TOTAL: $1,176,715.00

As you can see it didn’t even take a massive marketing budget to do it either…

We spent $46,715.92 total in those 5 months (about $9300/month). 

There’s no doubt, it’s a large amount of cash…

But, I’ll spend $46k to produce $1.1 Million in revenue ALL DAY LONG!

Wouldn’t you?

Where else can you get a 2,418.87% ROI... and in such a short amount of time?

To be honest you don’t have to spend that much to get great results.

Many of our clients only spend a few thousand a month to get an incredible return. 

We’ve had tons of clients get our “2 Comma Club” award ($1M in added production from our system) on a $2-3k per month ad spend. 

I've been in the trenches. 

I've done what you and your staff do in consults. 

I reached the "Two-Comma Club™" within a little under 5 months!

I don't know of any other marketing company who has done that. 

Not even close. 

In fact, most have never set foot in a consult room with a patient...

Or even spoken on the phone to one. 

We know how to do this, and every day we're innovating. 

We'll roll all of it out for you (and at no charge for the first month)!

So go ahead and put it to the test. 

Interviews With The Doctors At Conferences

They've Added Over $1,000,000 In Dental Implant Production With Our Program.

Dr. Fenton shares how educated the patients getting generated for his clinic are about Dental Implants earning him revenue in just 2 weeks with Dental Implant Machine.

It's A Great Time To Meet With Some Of The Doctors We're Working With:

Dr. Bhullar

Dr. Bhullar

Dr. Ward

Dr. Ward

Dr.'s Steinburg & Delrose

Dr.'s Steinburg & Delrose

Make Smiles Great Again!

Offices sent over photos wearing our controversial, attention-grabbing hats! (it doesn't matter what side of the political spectrum you're on, your marketing must get the attention of your patients, and that's exactly what our system does)

Dr. Fenton

Trinity Dental Arts

More Testimonials From Our Offices!

Dr. R - From Florida - Called on my birthday to report his second FULL arch in 60 days and collected $100,000 CASH.. Check out the video here...

Piro - Office Manager Florida 

- Collected $50,000 In 30 Days

- Have more people interested in the pipeline

- And are still working on a $50,000 case generated that same month

Here's Some More Proof..

Learn what Brooke from Dr. Ignatowicz's office love about Dental Implant Machine

How they closed over $170,000 in treatment in 45 days!

Dr. S - From New York - Referred Many Friends & Has Attributed Our Marketing To Part Of The Reason He's Building A Brand New Office...

Attributes Our Marketing To Part Of Building A Brand New Office!

Check out the screen shot of his facebook page and an email of his telling a friend how many cases he's had with our help.

Results do vary, but this is VERY possible for you!

Testimonial 6
Testimonial 2

Dr. G - From New Jersey - Posted in his Facebook group that he had 4 arches in the pipeline worth over $30,000 each with total spend of $3,000.

ROI - Dental Implant Machine 2

Paid $3,000

Got $120,000

Not Bad :)

Testimonial 1
Testimonial 5
Testimonial 3
Testimonial 8
Testimonial 9
Testimonial 4

This Office Sent Us An Email on Their FIRST Full Mouth Case Right After It Happened!

Testimonial 7




Frequently Asked Questions

The answer to this question is subjective and specific to each dental practice. Some longtime dentists in small towns spend nothing on dental marketing services. Others in big cities spend tens of thousands with questionable results. When you work with Dental Implant Machine, your staff will have specific goals that, when achieved, net your dental clinic thousands more than you spend on dental office marketing.

Depending on the city in which your dental practice is located, you may be competing with a dozen or even a hundred other local dentists. If you forego dental office marketing and instead attempt to rely on word of mouth to keep your practice afloat, you will likely quickly find yourself at the back of the line of successful dentists in your area. Our dental marketing agency uses Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to bump your website to the top of the search engine results pages.

At the most basic level, a dental marketing agency works to get your dental practice more patients. There are some common methods for achieving this, but the dental marketing agency you choose may have its own proprietary strategies for helping you achieve your goals. At Dental Implant Machine, we use a full funnel marketing strategy, which means we focus not just on results, but on the entire process — from getting customers interested in dental implants all the way through the final sale. The first step is by placing ads on popular social media sites to entire prospects to click through.

While traditional forms of marketing such as print, radio and TV may bring in some patients, without a strong online presence, it can be almost impossible to grow your dental practice. Most people today search for providers of goods and services online. Hiring a dental internet marketing company can greatly increase your reach and improve your reputation. Dental website marketing is our specialty. Talk to Dental Implant Machine about how our dental marketing services can increase your patient base.

We don't just send you clicks or a ton of low-quality leads. The dental implant marketing funnel takes your prospects by the hand and walks them through each step of the sales process, then hands them off to your staff at the right time. So all you have to worry about is presenting treatment and performing surgeries.

Yes, we stand behind what we do. We'll run our system for your clinic for FREE for a full month. No strings attached. Just results.

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