Dental Lead Generation

Lead generation is a crucial part of sales, and it can be notoriously difficult. While there are firms that purport to provide leads to companies trying to boost business, these leads can be of dubious quality. If you get 100 leads and only one sale, your leads might not truly be leads. Some lead generation firms will blame your business for failing to convert the leads they provided, and thus you enter into a he said/she said situation that does nothing for your bottom line.

Inbound & Outbound Leads

Outbound marketing refers to calling potential clients or patients who have not previously shown interest in your product. This is the worst type of sales technique to rely on that has the poorest results — cold calling potential patients. This is especially so when you are selling dental implants, since you can only sell them to people who are missing teeth.

Inbound leads have been identified based on the lead’s expressed interest. One way we show you how to identify quality leads is by having potential patients fill out a contact sheet on your site in order to download more information about dental implants. This is a common tactic in the business world in which interested parties trade their contact info in order to download a white paper that covers a topic of interest to them.

Although our dental marketing agency often advises clients to make the first move by contacting potential patients, this is not the same as outbound marketing, because your leads have already expressed interest in your product.

Dental Practice Marketing:

Narrowing the Focus

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Trust Dental Implant Machine to provide you with the quality leads you need to make more sales. Our dental clinic digital marketing agency has many years of experience generating and nurturing leads as well as closing sales. We work closely with our clients to teach them how to achieve the success that we have taught others to achieve.

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