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As a dentist, you may not be very familiar with the type of dental office marketing that is geared toward selling optional and cosmetic procedures. Many dental clinics promote their practices using various media in an effort to attract new patients, but less so as a means to sell specific services. But today, if you neglect to put in the time and effort needed to sell optional dental procedures, you will be missing out on a lucrative market and ceding an advantage to your competitors.

Dental Implant Marketing

The fact that insurance companies usually do not pay for dental implants brings no end of frustration to dentists, especially since they usually will pay toward dentures and bridges. It’s like the insurance companies will only fund the cheapest solutions to the problems.

Because patients must bear the entire cost of dental implants, implants have developed a reputation as a cosmetic procedure, rather than a medical necessity. Regardless, it is important to have teeth not only for eating, but also for smiling with confidence.

Dental Digital Marketing Services

When you work with Dental Implant Machine, we show you how we employ the full spectrum of dental digital marketing services. This includes placing ads on Facebook, Google and YouTube to attract new patients with the goal of getting them to book a consultation. We also offer training and personalized coaching for each doctor we work with.

This isn’t to say that you must abandon the strategies you have been using, whether they’re billboards, newspapers, radio, TV or another medium, but it’s hard to run a successful business today without engaging in digital marketing.

When you choose an advertising agency to help you with your dental clinic digital marketing campaigns, it’s important to go with one that has a proven track record. Advertising is not witchcraft, yet those with little knowledge and less experience under their belts sometimes seem to work as though they believe it is. When you invest in dental digital marketing services, you want to see results. And that’s what you get when you partner with Dental Implant Machine. We have helped generate millions in income for more than 200 dental practices.

Our Dental Implant Machine system uses the dental implant funnel to take your prospects by the hand and walk them through each phase of the sales process. Our system is superior to other methods in terms of ROI, including regular funnels, pay-per-click, SEO, and TV an radio commercials. Our strategy, along with the training and personalized coaching we provide, will boost your dental implant income to new levels in record time.

If you want to generate and nurture more leads, increase sales and make a difference in your bottom line, contact Dental Implant Machine today to get started on your dental clinic digital marketing campaign.


Frequently Asked Questions

No, our dental marketing agency trains the staff you already have. We are supremely confident in our ability to train dentist office personnel. In fact, we believe this is the best way to approach dental clinic digital marketing, since your office staff is already so well-versed in the policies and procedures of your dental practice.

We get asked about this a lot because we have helped many clients sell upwards of $1 million in services. Although our dental marketing agency’s program can be extremely lucrative for dentists, that doesn’t mean the price is out of reach. At Dental Implant Machine, we provide affordable dental marketing services at a fair price to our clients.

Dental implant marketing is our specialty because it is the most lucrative procedure. We understand, however, that not all dentists perform dental implant procedures. But if you want to increase your patient base and your profits, you want to think long term, and that may mean learning how to place dental implants. The more skills you have as a dentist, the more useful you can be to more patients.

We can explain our dental marketing company’s strategies and procedures to you, but the bottom line is that dental marketing services are only as useful as the company that is providing them. Dental Implant Machine not only has years of experience in dental website marketing, but we also have a proven track record. Call or meet with us and if you remain skeptical, remember that we do not require you to sign a long-term contract — you can discontinue services with only a 30-day notice.

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